Our Testimonials

I am Jim McClellan, president and owner of Logistic Services.

I have known David Flores since around 1997.  We worked directly together in the trucking transportation industry for about 3 years. We both continued in this industry for many years and from that time and continually David and I have participated in many substantial personal and business development programs. By 2014 David had become a coach/instructor to me for similar ongoing developmental programs. I have always enjoyed working with David along the years. His integrity and ongoing commitment to people being successful in their careers and personal growth and success is an inspiration and a true contribution to me.

And now he has shared his program QRS with my company Logistic Services . I have enjoyed the workability and ease it brings to myself and my company for completing difficult and time consuming trucking rate assessments. This is certainly a tool I can see many various entities utilizing for day to day operations and project planning estimates. And I do look forward to QRS being even more enhanced along the way with even more applications that will help our business be even more effective.

Jim McClellan, President

I have been fortunate to know David Flores for in excess of 15 years, the majority of that time we worked closely together.  David’s excellent work ethic combined with his in depth knowledge of the transportation industry have always made him a force to be admired.  David and I have stayed in touch after I retired a few years ago, and I count myself extremely privileged to call him my friend.

-Bob B., Former CEO of LDH Corporation

I have had a professional relationship with David for about 20 years.  I was given his name by a business associate and was told that David would be the one to go to for my full and partial truckload rates and service.  My associate was correct.

As the former owner of Benchmark Worldwide Transport, I relied heavily on David for my full loads, partials and heavy hauls.  He was honest to a fault, never promising more than he could deliver. His pricing was always fair and if he told me he had a carrier for a load, I could count on it.

His knowledge of the trucking industry is phenomenal.  He taught me a lot throughout the years. I highly endorse David and his future endeavors in the transportation industry.

-Max N., Branch Manager & Consultant, Benchmark Lamprecht Transport