Tested for 11 Years01

We've thoroughly tested this marketing pricing tool on real cargo transactions in OD & HH between 2006 to 2017.

$27 Million Worth of Cargo02

Using our market pricing tool, we successfully moved cargo totally approximately $27 million and didn't leave money on the table.

17% Margin Average03

During the 11 years this technology was used, we averaged 17% margin on our loads

20 Years of Experience

Based on approximately 20 years of industry experience, QRS was created as a market pricing tool by an independent Veteran American small business owner.

From 2006 to 2017, this market pricing tool was successfully used on real OD & HH cargo transactions totaling approximately $27M and bringing home an average of 17% margins.  

Based on market demand, in 2018, we began the process to take this tool to the contiguous 48 United States so the everyday trucker has access to an easy and affordable tool and has the opportunity to never underbid a job or lose money.  

QRS is your OD & HH market pricing tool.  It is sensitive to the different markets across the 48 contiguous United States.

Are you ready to use QRS so you do not leave money on the table?

We make trucking easy and get truckers back on the road.  QRS answers the needs from the shortage of quality priced loads.  QRS gives everyday truckers back their independence to operate AND make money!  Just like the good ole days.  

Quick market pricing for OD & HH loads is an idea whose time has come.  QRS is committed to providing  you with actionable information and creating a trucking industry where people experience being valued and served.

QRS greatly reduces the time required to price large packing lists.  We provide actionable data uncompromised by concerns like “will my price be low enough to get the business” or “let’s hurry & put something together & get it off my desk”.

QRS is not a giant tech company looking to force you into monthly subscription plans or lead generation rabbit holes.  You pay per load at a price you can afford and still allow you to protect your margins.  

The tool displays the market price in a range format for a load up to 20 packing slips at a time, and gives truckers the leverage.  

It’s time to elevate the narrative, it’s time to Make Truckers Independent Again with QRS’s market pricing tool! 

This is just the beginning.

David Flores, President & Founder

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Quick Rate Solutions (“QRS”) Officially Launches @ #MATS2019 its Patent Pending OD & HH Market Pricing Solution; Pricing Loads is Now Easy and Affordable

The impact of regulatory and other non-revenue generating activities on the needs of everyday truckers continues to be debated. In reality, the everyday trucker needs consistency in quality market priced loads to operate independently and make more money!

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – March 26, 2019 – QRS is pleased to announce its OD & HH market pricing solution at #MATS2019. With QRS, pricing loads is now easy and affordable, allowing the everyday trucker to get back on the road. #MakingTruckersIndependentAgain

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